Comercio Square Arch, New Lisbon Downtown Viewpoint

Comercio Square Arch, New Lisbon Downtown Viewpoint



Visit the new viewpoint at Praca do Comercio(Terreiro do Paco), Lisbon Downtown.

The top of the Arch of Augusta Street, which offers a unique panoramic view over the city of Lisbon, can be played along with the hall vaults housing the existing machinery of the clock there. But not everyone can do it, since to rise to this salon and to the viewpoint is necessary to overcome the two flights of stairs that rise beyond the elevator.



The entrance to the monument is made by Augusta Street, through a small door right next to the arch. The ticket, which costs 2.5 euros, ensures access to the elevator that takes visitors up to the top floor. After almost one must climb 30 steps to reach the room where the clock is, which in 1941 replaced the original engine. This space was placed in a panel which sets forth the key moments of the story arc, since it began to be thought of in 1759 until its completion in 1875.


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