Lisbon Airport Hotels

There are no hotels located within Lisbon Airport but due to the relatively short distance to the city center, several hotels are located nearby.

Some of the hotels located nearby the airport include the Holiday Inn Lisbon Continental, Radisson SAS Hotel Lisboa, Marriott Lisbon, the NH Campo Grande, the Hotel Tivoli Tejo, the Barcelona Hotel, and the Hotel Olissippo Oriente. These are all within 15 minutes from the airport and can be accessed with relative ease. The various rates for these hotels may be obtained from their websites.

Most of the hotels within the vicinity of the airport offer free shuttle bus services to and from the airport. One may also choose to go to the hotels via taxi service which can be obtained from the airport. You may also make prior arrangements with the hotel to have a taxi pick you up from the airport and take you to your destined hotel.