Airport Terminals

Lisbon Airport currently has two terminals – Terminal 1 which is within the main building and Terminal 2 to the south of Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 has been in operation since the inception of the airport in 1942. It serves both arrivals and departures unlike Terminal 2 which serves departures only. For this reason there are no transportation facilities or parking lots next to Terminal 2. A regular shuttle service operates between the two terminals.

Terminal 2 is a result of a temporary solution to handle the increasing traffic as a new airport is built in Alcochete. This terminal handles scheduled domestic flights while Terminal 1 handles the international flights. There are other improvements being made to the airport though they are limited by lack of space due to the location of the airport within the city.

At the moment only Easyjet is operating Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 can be accessed using its own road which connects to the Alameda Comunidades das Portuguesas next to departures.